Passion Into Profit

We all want to be rich and powerful individuals but we can’t because most of us don’t have the patience and even the effort to work for your reward. Just admit it. You’re a lazy, boring, no good selfish person who’s reading this. Are you really this type of person? Shame on you if you just agreed.

You should not be that type of person. If you work hard for your success you will know how much it’s truly worth and not spree it off merrily. One of the most important things in life is family. Two of the most important things to have is love in your heart and patience. And one important thing to have in order to be happy and get whatever you want is money. Money gives you the freedom to obtain anything you want. Even if it’s someone else property. And money is the thing you don’t have because you lack all of these things above.

You’re supposed to work hard in life to provide for your children so they will be well off and not have any loans, debts, mortgages or whatever fancy word you wanna call it.

We live in a world where education is extremely easy to obtain wherever you turn. But, we also live in a world where jobs are hard to find because the jobs are being replaced by robots, companies are cutting course so the directors can walk home with a big salary or they just don’t want to hire someone who’s got a degree but someone who’s got a diploma with experience. Yes! You heard me right. They want to hire the person with the diploma because they’ve got experience.

But that’s not for me to talk about today. I wanna talk to you about your own business and how you should start turning your passion into profit at an early stage in life.

Let’s say you love children and education and you’re extremely good with preschoolers so you’ve applied to be a preschool teacher at the nearest school that’s about half an hour away from your home. That’s a pretty good distance because you live in the countryside where there are lots of houses in a tiny village and the school is in the city and you’ve got to get up at 6:30 am to organize because school starts at 8:00 am so you’ve got to organize everything not only for you but your spouse and kids. So that’s about half an hour and then you have to organize yourself. So, the time is 7:30 am and you’ve gotta hit that city traffic just to go to school for 8:00 am and it so happens you reach late because there was a mini accident on the way. Thankfully nobody got hurt. But, back to the story, you just rushed yourself for about $3,000.00 Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD) a month. Yes, you can get up earlier but you don’t want to because you’ll sacrifice your beauty sleep.

You can definitely sleep a little later than 6:00 am while still organizing everything for your spouse and kids and still make more money at the end of the month and never be so late again by turning your passion into profit and opening a preschool in your tiny village. Your own business and there’s no way people would turn a blind eye because you’ve got a great location away from the traffic and you’re in charge and in control and you’ll be clocking in more than what you’ve worked for in the lousy old school!

Not everyone can dream, or can even fulfill their dreams. I’m not talking about the dreams that you dream at night while asleep, I’m talking about your goals, the things you want to achieve. The things you desire.

You might have a dream to be rich, have a successful business or have a family of your own. Those are good dreams, don’t let go of them. Push towards them and fight for them. Don’t ever give up on your goals because if you do, you’re showing the world that it’s impossible. But always remember that the impossible is always possible.

People will try their very best to drag you down and strip away all the blessings and gifts you’ve got because they don’t like you for your achievements. That’s their way of being immature and childish because they have absolutely no understanding whatsoever.

It’s hard to come by people with a mature state of mind nowadays. Everyone is so corrupted and immature because of the current state of the world we live in. Nobody understands peace, love, happiness and simple things like friendship and even proper organization of events and various other functions that’s extremely important.

Now, hear this, maturity doesn’t mean: As someone is getting older they must be mature for their age. Yes, that’s something too.

But, it’s also the way you think, act and present yourself to the world. The world is your audience and you’re on your own platform. And you’re the one who’s gotta help make this world a better place and it all starts with us!

If someone is talking someone badly, what would you do? The immature person will join the conversation and entertain it by talking about the person’s clothes, the way they behave or even the color of their hair.

But the mature person will end it immediately by putting that tempting person in their place and walking off.

It’s also the way you handle situations…

Don’t you remember that in the bible, Jesus said to turn the other cheek? I’m pretty sure you remembered. What was Jesus saying? He was saying to have a mature state of mind and leave it to let it be. Let them be themselves and waste their precious time on absolute nonsense while you’re not even thinking about them and you’re there making a difference in someone’s life or building an empire.

Yes, I’m sure your mind will be flooded with thousands of thoughts on a daily basis, but you just gotta forgive and forget. Just like what God does to us. We also gotta be an example to people. Whether they’re watching or not.

Never have a negative personality about someone.

Yes, distance yourself and continue talking to them, I fully agree, but my point is to always forgive.

You’re a multi-billionaire inside but you can’t let a dumb poor person who can’t make $10,000.00 a month, a day or even in one hour destroy you mentally with words. You’ll just deflate to their level and that will be absolutely terrible because you’ll be just like them, a failed dream or a wasted life.

Don’t study anybody. Always keep smiling and always keep turning your cheeks.

-Written by Aaron Matthew Beharry, previously known as Aaron Jhinkoo on The Official Website For Aaron Matthew Beharry.

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