The Definition Of Friendship

There’s always a connection with a mother and her son or a father and his daughter, they understand each other better than the others. Yes, a daughter looks up to her mother to be inspired and be brave and a son looks up to his father to be a role model for his future children and how to provide for the family. It’s important to always keep relationships and never abandon them because, in the future, we’ll definitely need them. Relationships like friends, family, or even co-workers who work in different areas of the company.

Humans were designed to be together, always be helpful, supportive, and kind. But, the world changed that slowly but surely. Yes! There are still people out there who are trying to help make a difference but they’re being forced to cease all their aid because of the numerous threats they’re facing from everyone around the world, no matter what language they speak or what’s their religion.

People have forgotten what true friendship is and they practically replaced it with the number of followers they’ve got on social media. The more the merrier! Right? No. Wrong. The number of followers on social media platforms or how many friends you’ve got don’t determine your status in life, it’s the difference you make to society.

And just to put this out there for everyone who thinks they’re special because of the millions of text messages they receive on a daily basis, your true friends are the ones who are there with you from the numerous times you’ve failed to the point of your success. The ones who always support you, no matter what happens. They’re your family.

There are lots of people out there who will use you for your resources that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. They will practically milk you out dry and leave you there alone. This occurs in lots of relationships and even friendships. Just imagine someone taking credit for what you did or even just being your friend to benefit from all the luxurious things you own. Such as cars, jewelry, clothes and etc.

Look around and start taking note, they can appear as a family member, your best friend, a colleague from work or they can probably be the person who’s serving you food at the restaurant. People change, for example, it doesn’t mean that Tom has been my best friend ever since I was five years old! He’ll never do something like that. No! He can’t. He’s a good person. Remember, people change. And the only person who you can trust is yourself.

Friends are sometimes difficult to find, easy to lose, and sometimes a backstabbing freak. They all come and go but sometimes some people are here to stay some of the time. Even friendships that last long like more than 10 years can end in less than one day.

It’s better to be alone and have no friends than to be fake and kiss up to everyone. You see, I will always try my very best to message everyone to find out how they’re going, but not once does anyone tries to contact me to find out if I’m ok or alive.

Friends are the type of people out there to ruin you but they secretly make you stronger and prepared for whatever life throws at you in the future. Before they use you for whatever you have, you’ve got to use them to grow stronger spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

You see, sometimes you just have to ignore the fools out there and be yourself. Only when you’re genuine, you’ll be at peace with yourself and everything will be good.

I try my very best to be everyone’s best friend who they can always count on and trust! But, I’m just putting myself out there to be used and allowing them to come into my life to take my resources, milk me dry of everything, and leave me there on the floor to cry with a broken heart.

On a daily basis, I usually meet, let’s say probably twenty people a day. Some are people I know and the others are new people. Many people love to come and chat regularly, they claim that when they come by us, they feel rejuvenated and ready to start their week, others just like to talk about what’s going on in the business. But, only a few people, maybe less than ten people actually helped me and I’m sure that there will be more people in the future to help me and others.

When it’s time for you to know something, you’ll be informed by some way you least expect it. They’ll be the ones you can depend on wherever you’re down and feel rejected.

I’ve asked some of my very own close friends what’s the real definition of friendship and they had tons to say and I’m absolutely blown away by their answers. It’s unbelievable.

Here are some of the answers I received:

“Support, because a true friendship wouldn’t exist if the individuals didn’t support each other.” -Daniel Chen

“Friendship is something that no matter what situation you are in, good or bad, they’re always there for you like your family.” -Judy Mohammed

“It’s having someone’s back no matter what.” -Joshua Bankay

“Friendship is the relationships in your life that are bound to trust love and care… It’s a place that feels like home.” -Angelina Mohan

“The real meaning of friendship is someone who loves you for who you are always there to push you to be there for you to encourage you where there is support in each other part.” -Joshua Joseph

“From my understanding, friendship is where you have someone or persons who always stay by your side no matter what the circumstances are in life. For example – in terms of a situation where you may need someone to vent to or just to have a little fun or even take your mind out of a situation. A friend can help you with stuff like these. However, not everything will be a problem. Obviously. But by having someone by your side and knowing you have that company always gives you comfort in many ways. Friendships can even turn into family. That’s to tell you how much some friendship means to a lot of people today. I know I can relate to it. But friendships don’t always be that bright and morning shine. You know every relationship no matter what type of relation it will always have ups and downs, but it’s how you carry it out. So it would have fall outs but a true, pure love friendship will always work it out no matter what may come at the parties. So honestly, friendship is an amazing experience as well as companionship but occurrences of understanding at times can be heartbreaking but friendship is something an individual must consider because it helps a lot.” -Naomi Mohammed

“Friendship is a relationship between people where they can trust and rely on one another. There are good communication and understanding. They help each other grow as people.” -Ira Mahadeo

“Friendship goes a lot deeper than just laughing and talking or being in the same space. It’s about being able to cry with the person when they cry and celebrate with them every step of the way in life. It’s about messing up and asking for forgiveness. it’s about taking the time to understand the other person and learning to love better every day. It’s about being vulnerable and total acceptance of who you truly are by the other person. All in all, friendship is really something I believe God gifts to us because He knows us best, knows what we need and who will compliment us on this journey.” -Chelsea Ali

Each one of these answers is different and that’s great because it shows what friends are really for and what we should expect from them.

Thank you guys so contributing to this article. I really admire you guys for taking time out of your busy schedule to support me.

-Written by Aaron Matthew Beharry, previously known as Aaron Jhinkoo on The Official Website For Aaron Matthew Beharry.

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