Don’t Change For Anyone

In life, there are two different types of friends. One that will always be there to support you in everything that you do and only encourage you to do great things to become successful and then there’s the other where they take you down the wrong path of life and leave you there to suffer and never look out for you. I’ve got so many different types of friends in my life, although I keep a very tight circle with the people I trust, there’s always one out of everyone that disappears once in a while.

Let me tell you the type of person that I am and just to let you know, this is a true story. You can ask anyone, I’m sure that they will definitely agree with me as they know me personally. So, are you ready to be blown away by the type of people that’s out there? Let me begin…

So, as you guys know, my parents are business people and I grew up in their businesses so I know the running of everything. Basically, I’ve learned the majority of everything from them on how to start, manage, and have a successful business from scratch. So, the majority of my friends come to me for advice on saving their monies and also how to start a business during these COVID-19 difficult times that we’re going through at the moment. So, I was speaking to this person and she wanted to start a business, an online store to be precise and I encouraged her to go into another field as I saw the potential that she will have in that area and I gave her all tips and advice and basic information on how to actually begin. She took all the information and then insulted me at the end by saying that I should not try to ruin everyone’s life as they have a different purpose and they have goals to achieve and my petty little advice is absolutely ridiculous and that I should just mind my own business. Let me tell you something, this person asked me for advice, to begin with, and I specifically told her not to go into this field as the market is oversaturated and she will lose all her capital and the business will not generate any income. She ignored me and carried on although I gave her a good business idea to run with as I see the potential inside her but she ignored me. Four months after, I heard that she lost all her stock and never made any huge profits. The most profit she made was $253.00 TTD in two months’ time. Not to look down on anyone, but to be very honest, in these times, this generation we’re living in, can you survive on $253.00 TTD while every week you’re going shopping and buying fast food every day? Like she has a printer that prints money home?

I don’t mean to make this article long, but my point is that you may not be able to help everyone in life, but you need to only help the people that have the knowledge of understanding. I am 19 years old right now, that woman who insulted me is nearly 40 years old and she had several jobs before where at every job she lasted only two to three months and got fired. On every job!

Help the people who are willing for someone to help them in their life, don’t go helping anyone and everyone!

For the past several weeks I’ve been so concerned lately. Concerned about what will actually happen in the future. Concerned that I’m just wasting my life right now and I won’t be able to get back these years. Concerned that I won’t have something to hold onto in the future. But, that’s not the case. You see, some people in their 20’s become billionaires, some people in their 40’s now actually started their businesses, and some people in their 60’s go on to have a franchise company that’s available worldwide! The thing is that everyone in life has their own time zone on when they will achieve greatness, yes you won’t be able to get back all those years that you lost before, but you can grow from it and make lessons that will make you wise to better you in the years to come. You’re still on the right path, don’t give up on life, your time is coming soon to shine and when that time comes, you will shine and you will bright!

-Written by Aaron Matthew Beharry, previously known as Aaron Jhinkoo on The Official Website For Aaron Matthew Beharry.

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Aaron Matthew Beharry

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