We Must Value Our Jobs

The other day I was conversing with one of the workers at our company and we started discussing the importance of jobs, how everyone’s job is different, meaningful, and also a big responsibility.

You see, the ice cream truck man goes around the country or village selling lots of sweet and delicious ice cream that comes in a huge variety of flavors and lots of popsicles and sundaes. He’s got a responsibility because he probably got a family to feed, a family to clothe and a family to shelter. He’s making a dollar (profit) out there to survive. He’s making that to live! Yes, he probably looks at the director of a company and sees that his job is extremely easy and that he doesn’t work at all and he’s making lots of profit from his company. But, is he thinking about how difficult his job is and the responsibilities of the director’s job entail?

While the ice cream truck man may have the responsibility of not letting the goods melt under extreme heat from the sun, or the responsibility to always keep an eye out for children running to stop the truck, or even the responsibility of being a safe driver on the road, the director’s job is just as important and difficult as his.

Yes, their jobs are two completely different things, but they each share responsibilities. The director of the company may have responsibilities of making sure to keep up to date on bills such as electric, water, and the internet, or paying salaries monthly or however their payment options vary or have the responsibility of keeping up to date with all safety protocols for the company’s customers and workers. There are lots of options and if I do list them out, this article will be extremely long.

My point is don’t look at another person’s job and criticize them by saying their work is so much easier than yours or that you work harder than them or don’t look at their income as well because if you got placed in their shoes you won’t be able to perform their duties as you didn’t went through the aggressive training as them or acquired the various skills as them or even be able to start to comprehend their job.

So let us be appreciative of our jobs and know that we all have our roles to play that keep this country or even the world going every day!

-Written by Aaron Matthew Beharry, previously known as Aaron Jhinkoo on The Official Website For Aaron Matthew Beharry.

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Aaron Matthew Beharry

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