Wishing You A Happy New Year

“As the year comes to an end, don’t look back at yesterday’s disappointment. Look ahead to God’s promises yet to unfold.”

Buky Ojelabi

As we close off 2020 and journey into 2021, I wish y’all all the best in this new year. I know that it’s been a tough year so far and due to the pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of living, a new way of breathing.

We’re slowly starting back to reopen the country which is a great thing. It’s sad to see that some people got laid off and others having to close down their business because there were no streams of income to support or grow the business and support them.

Although we’re opening back different sectors of our country, there are so many safety precautions that we as citizens need to have. We must continue the use of face masks and practice social distancing. I know that distancing ourselves from others can be difficult as we’re all a family and we like to have large gatherings. I understand how it feels. It’s a trini thing! We always have to bubble a pot together and have a fete every weekend to celebrate some joyous moment!

We must also encourage others to always sanitize upon arrival and departure from a place such as a business place or even a friend’s home.

We can’t just sit around and be depressed, we gotta keep our heads up and focus on the future. Focus on how we can help make the world a better place for us and the generations to come.

We lost so many loved ones due to COVID-19 and other reasons which I can also relate to. We need to remember the smiles and laughs we had with our loved ones, not the cries and anger. I extend my condolences to all the families that lost their loved ones in 2020.

During this COVID-19 shutdown period, lots of people lost their jobs and they can’t even afford to buy necessities such as water, bread, and vegetables. I am a true witness of this, just the other day ago a friend recently came to me crying because she recently got laid off from her job that she was working at for the past fifteen years! Now that’s commitment if I should say. And now she’s not able to provide food for her kids because she’s jobless and there’s no income coming in.

They think that they’re hopeless and life is over but it’s our mission and our responsibility to make them feel better about themselves and make them achieve greatness because they’re our brothers and sisters no matter race or religion. Because we are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, together we aspire, together we achieve.

There’s always hope for a better future. That doesn’t mean that you should give up hope. Keep hoping for the best, keep hoping those good days will come and when you keep hoping for the good days, the bad days will never happen. Keep thinking positive. Yes, there are always ups and downs in life, but use those obstacles as lessons. Lessons to mold you into a better person. Lessons to mold you to help others whenever they’re facing a difficult situation in life. These lessons will never stop. It can come in different ways. Ways we can’t even predict or even foresee into the future to help them for not coming to pass. It’s just life.

I wish you all the very best in the new year, as I always like to say, out with the old, in with the new: may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!

We’re all in this together, let’s be there to support each other and help make this world a better place for everyone!

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask, and please adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols from your local health department. We’re all in this together!

May God bless and may God be with us all!

-Written by Aaron Matthew Beharry, previously known as Aaron Jhinkoo on The Official Website For Aaron Matthew Beharry.

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This article is amazing! Wishing everyone the best for 2021!

Aaron Matthew Beharry

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