Let It Go, It’s Your Time To Shine

The past holds us back from moving forth in life. We must learn to let go and move forward to achieve greatness.
The past also shapes up. You know, there’s a saying that we learn from our mistakes. We learn from all our failures and our successes. The past molds us to become stronger to take on tougher challenges that we will face in the future. It also defines us; it defines the person that you are. Each one of us carries a unique story that can change us for good or for bad. Just because you never attended secondary school, that doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams of having a job or attending university. There’s always a way to repair your past whether it’s your doing or not.
Our mind is our only limit. What you think is what you will attract.
Sometimes people leave our lives for the best. This can be your best friend, family member, or it can even be your employment. When one door closes, another door opens. You’re never stuck in life, and there’s no need to worry.
For example, you can have a best friend who you practically have grown up with you since birth, but they might have a small-minded negative attitude while you can move mountains with your mind and accomplish tremendous things! This person can severely affect your mindset, your brilliance, and your energy which can keep you back from reaching your potential in life.
Yes, it will be sad, and you will miss them by your side without even having that someone to talk to but all things happen for a reason. As I said before, when one door closes, another door opens. Another person may come into your life to help uplift you and push you to achieve greatness while that other person, who left, would have kept you down to the ground, drain your energy, keep locked up away mentally, and cut off your ability to grow and reach somewhere grand in life!
It’s all about your mindset and the type of people you keep around. That’s what hinders your ability to move forward in life. Take a step back and meditate, trust yourself, trust nobody else and the answer will come to you. The answer on what to do to move forward in life, keep your mind open while meditating, ask for guidance to clear a path for you to move forward.
I am sure that you have a goal that you want to accomplish but it looks like there’s no way possible for that to come into effect, don’t give up because there’s always a strategy!
When it’s your time, you’ll know it and nobody will have the ability to stop you from achieving your desire or stop you from reaching your highest potential.
Just keep a positive attitude, give with a good heart, be kind to those who hurt you, and forgive them for what you put out into the world, it will always come back to you.
Some days we’ll be down and depressed, and other days we’ll be the jolliest person ever! We may have ups and downs, and sometimes we may take our frustration out on the wrong individuals for just the smallest issue. These individuals may be the cashier at the grocery store or even your hairstylist.
Don’t let the worst get to you. Speak life, never death. Just remember that you reap what you sow. Your words, thoughts, actions, and writings have a certain power that automatically manifests itself and comes back to you.
I know how it can feel sometimes. Like life isn’t fair and nothing is going your way. I can also relate to the disappointment that you may receive when you had lots of faith in someone, and I can also relate to the hurt from not being able to no longer speak to your best friend over a ridiculous argument one night. I can relate, that’s why I’m writing this article. I’m writing this to help cheer you up, and even myself in the future.
People will always feel that they can tell you how to manage your life since they saw you tried at an opportunity and failed. Maybe you didn’t get through because the time wasn’t right for you. You should never stop chasing your dreams and always do whatever makes you happy in life. The greatest satisfaction you can get in life is when you’re happy doing the thing that you love every day whether it brings you money or not! Something that some people might never understand.
You might want to just cry and scream out loud to the top of your lungs just to get that sadness out of you. It may be relieving for the time being, but never give up! I’ll be very honest with you, I haven’t screamed down the place to get this sadness out, nor have I cried. Every time I just feel like the tears want to burst out, but I have to look strong and prove others wrong. Prove to them that a person who half or even three-quarters of their age can achieve greatness without any form of education.
I want to show all those people out there who think that their life is over just because they don’t have some golden stamped certificate, that life is filled with lots of opportunities and you need to take the risk because you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

-Written by Aaron Matthew Beharry, previously known as Aaron Jhinkoo on The Official Website For Aaron Matthew Beharry.

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