Till Death Do Us Apart

Many people are dying around the world due to COVID-19 and it’s so heartbreaking to hear that the same person you once knew died just the other night while you’re only a couple of miles away from their home. My condolences to their family members. I cannot imagine how difficult this is for you guys.
Losing someone isn’t an easy thing to get over. You instantly remember all the good times, although there were bad ones now and then, and quickly try to understand how life will be without this person from now on. For some people, getting over this feeling can take a couple of months or even years. Some don’t even recover, and they go into a state of depression, get very sick, and sadly they end up dying from all these emotions that were built up inside of themselves all along.
I can relate to this because on December 14, 2020, I lost my stepfather, Ravesh Jhinkoo in a car accident. Last holiday season wasn’t the same without him. You see, during the holidays; my stepfather would usually cook a variety of delicious dishes at home and invite some close family members over to enjoy the holiday season, but it wasn’t the same last year. Instead, I just stayed in my room and cuddled up with my pillow and covered myself from head to toe with my blanket, and imagined how life would be like if he was still alive.
We can’t change the past, but we can grow from it and become stronger individuals than before. That’s what I’m trying to do all now. Yes, it may be taking me a couple of months to fully move forward, but I’ll slowly start to recover and get back to my daily routine and continue to love and spend my time with all those around me with a healthy state of mind and not fall into a state of depression because I am a strong person!
So, I ask everyone to appreciate all the time that you’ve got with your loved ones cause one day, they won’t be around with you again.

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